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Sights and activities in the region

International Signpost The "International Signpost" is at the junction of Route 5 and Route 35 in Lynchville, Maine.  From the condo, it is about a 40-minute drive and on the way to Bethel, Maine (among other places) and lists some of the interesting names of towns in the state.
Conway Scenic Railroad The main Conway Scenic Railroad station is located in North Conway (15 minutes from the condo) and operates fully from June to October, although there are limited services from mid-April through to December.  Special events such as a "Day out with Thomas" and "Santa's Holiday Express" should be booked in advance.

See their website for details.
Jackson Falls Jackson Falls in the town of Jackson, New Hampshire is approx a 30 minute drive from the condo.  You don't even have to get out of the car if you don't want to as it is visible from the parking area on the road.
Conway Lake Conway Lake is about 5 minutes' drive from the condo down Mill St.  There is a parking area across the road so with just a very short walk you could be sitting on the small beach enjoying the view, or if you're feeling energetic, there is a 7-mile walking trail from the parking area.
Swift River Lower Falls Another effortless scenic view is of the Lower Falls of the Swift River.  This is accessed via the Kancamagus Highway (Route 112) and approx 20 minutes' drive from the condo.  There is a parking area (recreation pass needed during the Summer months) with picnic tables and toilets (open during the Summer months) and a wooden walkway / viewing area.  It is very popular with bathers in the Summer but often deserted the rest of the year!
Rocky Gorge Just a little way further along the Kanc is the Rocky Gorge parking area (closed during Winter), which leads along a very easy walking path to a bridge over the Swift River.  From here, there is a short, easy trail to Falls Pond.
Mount Washington Auto Road If you fancy a trip to the top of the highest peak in the North-East, Mount Washington at 6,288 ft (1,917 m), between May and October, there is the option to drive yourself or have a guided tour (  At the top, there is an amazing view and also information about the Mount Washington Observatory that monitors the region's weather 24/7.
During December to March, the SnowCoach will take you 4,200 ft up to the treeline (see website) and back down again (!) or there is the option to snowshoe down.  
The start of the road is at Great Glen Trails on Route 16, approx a 40-minute drive from the condo.
Echo Lake Echo Lake state park is just outside the main town of North Conway (20 minutes' drive from the condo) and has its own parking area (permit required in the Summer months).  A short walk will take you to picnic tables and beach area, and a longer walk (1 mile loop) will take you around the lake, through the wooded area.  Other trails lead to Whitehorse Ledge (pictured here behind Echo Lake) and Cathedral Ledge, which are both popular with experienced climbers year-round.

Whitehorse Ledge  Cathedral Ledge
Diana's Baths Just around the corner from Echo Lake is the Diana's Baths parking area (recreation pass required in Summer months) that leads to an easy 0.6 mile walk through a wooded area to the 75ft cascades of Lucy Brook.  There are toilets in the parking area and benches along the trail. Diana’s Baths is named for the Roman goddess of the hunt, who was often pictured in woodland settings surrounded by animals.
Screw Auger Falls Grafton Notch State Park is just north of Bethel, Maine (approx 1.25 hours' drive from the condo) and one of the easiest walks is to the Screw Auger Falls.  The paths around Screw Auger Falls lead to a 23-foot waterfall lying in a narrow gorge along the Bear River, where the river has intricately cut a twisting cork-screw through thick layers of granite.
Moose Cave Moose Cave (just up Route 26 from Screw Auger Falls) is located within a 45-foot-deep canyon of bedrock where water skirts boulders and temporarily disappears into a cave beneath a granite slab. The trail follows a 600-foot long gorge carved through granite by glacial meltwater. Hikers are urged to show caution on the slippery rocks so that one will not fall in the gorge like the unlucky moose for whom Moose Cove was named. The trail also loops through a moss garden located on the ledges of the mixed growth forest. Several species of lichen inhabit this garden including "Reindeer Moss" which is native to the Arctic Tundra.
Sabbaday Falls Sabbaday Falls (renowned to be named after workers who stopped working on the Sabbath Day until the following Spring) is also located off of the Kancamagus Highway.  There is an easy 0.3 mile walk with a slight incline to the viewing area at the bottom of the falls and wooden steps up to the top.  Sabbaday Falls has a 45' drop.  The main gorge was allegedly carved over 10,000 years ago by large volumes of water from the last melting glacier that carried with it sand, gravel and boulders.
Redstone Quarry The Redstone Granite Quarries closed by 1950 and the area now serves as a part of a recreational area for walking, biking, hiking, snowmobiling and trail running. Together with substantial remains of buildings and machinery dating back to the late 1800’s this constitutes one of the most interesting industrial archaeological sites in New Hampshire.

The walking trail can be accessed from a parking area at the end of Hemlock Lane in North Conway (10 minutes from the condo) and leads up to the top of the quarry on a slight incline.
The Basin Approx 1.25 hours' drive away in Franconia Notch state park is "The Basin", a granite pothole 20 feet in diameter. It is believed to have been eroded 15,000 years ago while the North American ice sheet was melting. The Basin has been smoothed by small stones and sand, whirled around by the Pemigewasset River.  It is an easy walk to The Basin from the clearly marked parking area, which has picnic tables and toilets (open in the Summer months).Cascade Brook

Continuing on to the Basin-Cascades trailhead will take you past Cascade Brook to Kinsman Falls (0.5 miles with a 300 ft altitude gain) and then on to Rocky Glen Falls (another 0.5 miles with a 500 ft altitude gain).  The route is strewn with small rocks and exposed tree roots.
Crystal Cascades From the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center parking area (about 40 minutes' drive), the Tuckerman's Ravine Trail will take you to see the Crystal Cascades in an easy 0.4 miles (250 ft altitude gain).  There are steps to the right leading to the overlook.  The whole trail eventually ends up on the summit of Mount Washington!
Glen Ellis Falls Also in Pinkham Notch, with its own parking area is Glen Ellis Falls.  The 0.3 mile stone walkway and stairs will lead you to the spectacular view.  Although it is not a long walk, there are more than 100 rock steps to the base of the falls, so can feel quite taxing on the legs.
Thompson Falls Starting from the Wildcat Ski Area parking lot (Pinkham Notch), cross the bridge on the left side of the building. Turn left and follow the self-guided nature trail to the service road. After crossing the road, walk along the side of Thompson Brook to the falls.  Keep going: the trail ends at the top of the third cascade and there is a sign confirming it!  The trail is advertised as 0.8 miles and "Easy" with a 150ft elevation but for the inexperienced, water crossings, rock ledges and exposed tree roots along the way will not make it feel easy!
Jockey Cap rock Just after the main town of Fryeburg, behind the "Dollar General" store is the start of the trail up Jockey Cap rock.  Although it is only 0.2 miles, this is over a 200ft elevation, so it does require some effort for the 360 deg view reward at the top.
Ripley Falls Ripley Falls is in Crawford Notch State Park off of Route 302, near the Appalachian Mountain Club Highland Center (approx 45 minutes' drive from the condo).  

From the parking lot, it is a 1.2 mile round-trip along the narrow Ripley Falls Trail, which diverges left from the Ethan Pond Trail and is strewn with rocks and tree roots. The falls are about 100ft high where Avalanche Brook flows over moss-covered sloping granite.

If the whole trail is accessible, you can continue on to Arethusa Falls but it does mean crossing the brook so it may not be feasible to do so.
Arethusa Falls Arethusa Falls at nearly 200 ft, are the highest falls in the state.  The access road to the 1.4-mile trail leads off Route 302.  A recreation pass is needed for the parking lot in the Summer months.  The first 0.6 miles of the trail is fairly rocky and moderately steep, while the latter half of the trail ascends through open hardwoods via a relocation of the trail. The last 0.1 miles is also rocky and steep. You can return via the same route or complete the 4-mile loop past Frankenstein Cliff to the starting point.

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